“Visions of History”

February 2021

An imagining of the prospect of changing the social construct of mankind throughout time when the fluidity of the immovable seemed to be impossible and yet the most natural impulse of man and nature is to change and evolve.


Each original piece is created on the finest archival art paper, Elegance Velvet Platinum, utilizing pigment ink technologies. These mediums create textures that are subtle, soft and pleasing to the eye, whilst at the same time filling the visual with expression and delight.

Each Artwork is shipped to you in a purpose designed tube container. A certificate of Authentication accompanies each Artwork.

“Cradle of Life I”
“Kintsugi II”
“Cradle of Life II”
“Planet Fantasia II”
“Cosmic Flow”
“Cradle of Life III”
“Kintsugi III”
“Planet Fantasia I”
“Life’s Blood”
“Climate Change”
“Trail of Man’s destruction”
“The Aftermath”

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