John McLaren

John McLaren

Visual Artist, Author.

My Digital Photo-Art combines photography with abstract elements to create unique and imaginative compositions, manipulating, distorting and transforming the photographic image into an unconventional visual, resulting in an abstract and non-representational piece of artwork.

This process gives me a versatile and innovative medium for creative expression, blending the visual language of photography with the freedom and flexibility of digital manipulation to create individual captivating and thought-provoking pieces of artwork.

These creative works often feature vibrant colours, bold contrasts, and rich textures to evoke emotions, sensations, or moods. The process may involve altering colours, textures, shapes, or proportions to create dynamic and expressive visual effects.

My techniques utilise pixilation, fragmentation, or geometric abstraction to create non-representational and experimental pieces. They may also incorporate multiple photographic layers or collage elements into their compositions, combining different images, textures, and patterns to create depth, complexity, and visual interest.

Abstract digital art can be conceptual and experimental in nature, exploring themes such as identity, memory, perception, or the nature of reality. Artists may use abstraction as a means of expressing subjective experiences, thoughts, or ideas, inviting viewers to interpret and engage with the artwork on a deeper level.

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